NYFANew York Foundation for the Arts (New York, NY)
NYFANew York Film Academy
NYFANew York Fashion Academy (Seattle, WA)
NYFANew York Foundation for Architecture
NYFANew York Flora Association (Albany, NY)
NYFANew York Festivals of Advertising
NYFANew York Film Annex
NYFANew York Flora Atlas
NYFANational Young Filmmakers Award (UK)
NYFANew York Footbag Association (New York, New York)
NYFANew York for Artists
NYFANational Youth Food Assembly (UK)
NYFANew York Flight Academy
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In 2015, NYFA Australia offers a number of Diploma and Advanced Diploma-level courses covering filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, animation and acting, as well as film and acting camps and a camera workshop.
Recognized for its contributions to the film industry, NYFA is credited for the education and training of several acclaimed actors, actresses and directors.
Judge Preska discussed and distinguished a number of earlier state and federal court decisions, including the Solanki decision, which suggested that such disclaimers either violated the NYFA or, at the very least, could not form a defense to a claim for a violation of GBL Sec.
NYFA Abu Dhabi Aspiring Filmmaker Award: Youssef directed by Hamed Al Harthy
Starting this summer NYFA will begin offering classes at their new space, which occupies the entire fourth and fifth floors of 17 Battery South.
The statement said a final communiquiAAA' from the CEMAC leaders would be delivered upon the conclusion of the NYFA to the G8.
She has received awards from the Foundation of Contemporary Art and the New York Community Trust (the Oscar Williams and Gene Derwood Award), the Goethe Institute, and grants from the NEA and NYFA.
The NYFA states that the purpose of their book "is to demystify the business of being an artist and to provide a structured framework of information that will help you move toward profitability, stability, and/or sustainability.
The 21-year-old, an A-Level student at Haybridge High School, near Stourbridge, was a key part of the NYFA team which made the musical It Is What It Is.
Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr, Jamie Foxx and Jodie Foster have all sent family members to study at the NYFA.
We are encouraged by the response and how groups formed together to produce to work together, and the way that some of the groups used software and technology," said Simon Hunter, the president of the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi, who awarded the first prize, a 12-week evening film making course at NYFA Abu Dhabi.
Juanita McNeely, Artist statement, NYFA application, October 19, 2009.