NYFAINew York Feminist Art Institute (New York, NY)
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Azara complained that some tall men at the exhibition "invaded" by looking over the top; however, this instance of "peeping toms" reflects the dialectical nature of much of Azara's life work in terms of her creative output and administrative role at NYFAI, particularly the way in which her projects address the condition of women within carefully designed "outsider" (women only) spaces.
I do spirit healings by reading and sending light through the chakras and I struggle to reclaim places which reflect the unspoken and the unseen inside of me, to give material presence to the shape and form and color of consciousness." (21) Her exploration of this process by invoking the divine feminine connects back to her discoveries of innermost personal forms in the Visual Diary course at NYFAI and her critical break with the art methods she learned during her formal art school education.
Coincidentally, the spiral is also linked extensively to Louise Bourgeois, one of the few female sculptors to gain widespread notoriety in the sixties and seventies (and an honored guest at one of NYFAI's many open houses).