NYFCNew York Football Club
NYFCNew Yorkers For Children
NYFCNew York Food Company
NYFCNew York Film Critics
NYFCNew York Financial Company (New York, New York)
NYFCNew York Flute Club
NYFCNew York Fencers Club
NYFCNeighborhood Youth and Family Counseling
NYFCNew York Fighting Championship (New York, NY)
NYFCNational Youth Football Championship
NYFCNew York Foot Clan
NYFCNorth Yorkshire Flying Club
NYFCNew York Fried Chicken (Landover Hills, MD)
NYFCNew York Farm Colony
NYFCNew Yorkers Fitness Club
NYFCNew York Film Club
NYFCNew York Flying Club (online flight simulations)
NYFCNew York Functional Classifications
NYFCNew York Fashion Connect
NYFCNational Young Farmers' Coalition
NYFCNaples Alliance for Children
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The federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is currently available to physicians, teachers, government employees, and other professionals--and NYFC strongly believes farmers should be included, as they're vital to the nation's well-being and recruiting more of them is crucial to creating a more robust and healthy food system.
If you've dreamt of farming, or if you've delved into farming in recent years, the NYFC offers many ways to get involved and connect with other growers.
NYFC's goal is to help SoCal families keep it simple and delicious by letting NYFC do the cooking
NYFC artfully prepares a variety of gourmet cuisine featuring the hottest trends from around the world.
Ang Lee, "Brokeback Mountain"--BFC, LAFC, NYFC, GG, DGA
Reese Witherspoon, "Walk the Line"--BFC, NSFC, NYFC, GG (Musical or Comedy), SAG