NYFCCNew York Film Critics Circle (since 1935)
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"Our membership expanded this year and so did the sheer volume of great movies worth voting on," said Eric Kohn, 2018 returning NYFCC Chairperson and film critic for IndieWire.
Founded in 1935, the NYFCC is the oldest and most prestigious in the country.
This year's NYFCC ceremony, taking place on January 3, will be dedicated to the memory of film critic Richard Schickel, who passed away in February.( ANI )
The complete list of the awards from NYFCC, which will be given on Jan.
Below is the full list of the (http://www.nyfcc.com/awards/) NYFCC's 2012 Awards
"We had a lot of good stuff to choose from and we spread the awards around," said NYFCC chairman Armond White, critic for New York Press.
In 25 years, 18 of the NYFCC's actress winners went on to collect an Oscar nom, and seven of those women took the prize.
They're not quite so reliable a bellwether for best picture honors: In the past 25 years, NBR and NYFCC have agreed with the Academy only eight and five times, respectively, on best picture of the year.
"I don't know that we have, or ever had, that much impact in terms of who wins the Oscars," says Star magazine critic Marshall Fine, who is also vice-chair of NYFCC. "But I think that we have an impact in terms of calling the Academy voters attention to movies that they might have otherwise not paid attention to."
NYFCC: Film, Director, Cinematography (Jean Lepine)
Supporting actress: Shohreh Aghdashloo, Academy Award, ISA, LAFCA *, NYFCC *
NYFCC is usually in sync with the Oscars about 50% of the time, often opting for dark comedies ("The Player," Steve Buscemi in "Ghost World") over dramatic heavyweights.