NYFCCNew York Film Critics Circle (since 1935)
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We had a lot of good stuff to choose from and we spread the awards around," said NYFCC chairman Armond White, critic for New York Press.
They're not quite so reliable a bellwether for best picture honors: In the past 25 years, NBR and NYFCC have agreed with the Academy only eight and five times, respectively, on best picture of the year.
A movie like 'Titanic,' for example, doesn't need critics awards to get the attention of the Academy," NYFCC chairman Marshall Fine says.
Finding Neverland" was honored as the NBR film of the year while "Sideways," which won the Oscar for adapted screenplay, took home the NYFCC top prize.
I don't know that we have, or ever had, that much impact in terms of who wins the Oscars," says Star magazine critic Marshall Fine, who is also vice-chair of NYFCC.
As for why the two orgs don't agree more, Seymour contends that the NYFCC likes "provocation," and that they pride themselves on a "metropolitan point of view that finds the art in everything, (including) Hollywood product," hence the NYFCC awarding the final "The Lord of the Rings" pic in 2003 and "Mulholland Dr.
A member of both groups, LAFCA since a year after its inception and NYFCC since 1999, he bolsters his claim by citing the groups' actress choices this year: Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line" for New York and Vera Farmiga in "Down to the Bone" for L.
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Director: Sofia Coppola, Academy Award, BAFTA, DGA, Golden Globes, ISA, NYFCC *
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NYFCC still meets at the Manhattan restaurant Sardi's in mid-December to do its voting, but with pressing deadlines and an ever-expanding movie output, its not the film salon it once was.
Similarly in 1966, a group of magazine writers who had been barred from to the NYFCC started the National Society of Film Critics, a highbrow org that has only agreed with the Academy Awards three times in 37 years ("Annie Hall," "Unforgiven," "Schindler's List").