NYFDNew York Fire Department
NYFDNew York Field Division (law enforcement)
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33) As a feminist, I am also disturbed by the Naudets' unquestioningly honorific portrayal not just of the individual firefighters but also of the NYFD itself, an institution plagued by sexism and racism.
Many such accidents happen in areas that may be served only by volunteer fire departments or suburban units that may not have the same skills and training--and equipment--available to the NYFD SOC.
His experience on the NYFD as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's New York Urban Search and Rescue team helped get him the assignment, which he called a good it, because it lets him bring "real-world tactical first-responder stuff to Special Operations.
With terrorism on everyone's mind, an explosion in the middle of Manhattan is not going to be taken lightly, and a host of emergency teams, including the NYPD, NYFD, FBI and the Office of Emergency Services, among others, were already on the scene.
Berkman sued the New York City Fire Department for discrimination and became one of the first women to join the all-male NYFD in 1980.
On September 11 as NYFD chaplain he rushed to the epicentre of the disaster when he heard that the Twin Towers had been attacked.
If that doesn't convince you: in the case of WTC 7, Larry Silverstein, the WTC leaseholder, actually stated on a 2002 PBS documentary, America Rebuilds, that he and the NYFD "made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.
34) At the time, the NYFD and the NYPD were operationally autonomous and not prepared to coordinate their response activities.
Denis Leary continues to play Denis Leary, this time grafted onto the NYFD and just as neurotic, unable to maintain a marriage and dedicated to his job as he was on ABC's brilliant but short-lived "The Job.
There was also a presentation of flags from the NYFD, who are flying one outside the States for the first time.
And so this doppelganger Bush would have seen the advantage--oh, about a year ago, when half the world seemed to be wearing NYFD caps--in stationing a fleet of C-5 cargo planes at Kennedy Airport.
We all saw the risks the NYFD took in entering the towers and so many lost their lives, the same happens here but on a lot smaller scale, but a fire-damaged house will still kill if it collapses.