NYGNew York Giants
NYGNational Youth Gathering (church)
NYGNew York Guard
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H1: Fans of the NYG will score higher on the internal attributes of their team's season than NYJ fans.
H3: Fans of the NYJ will score higher on the external attributes of their team's season than NYG fans.
For the last three years our council environment department has been weekly studying the indoor air quality of selected properties within the NYG area and the results have proved enlightening.
Both have proved positive for chemicals present both in their homes and on NYG.
Player Year Team Age 2B 3B HR Buck Ewing 1884 NYG 24 15 20 3 Dick Johnston 1887 Braves 24 13 20 5 Joe Visner 1890 Burghers 30 15 22 3 Jocko Fields 1890 Burghers 25 18 20 9 Bid McPhee 1890 Reds 30 16 22 3 Jake Virtue 1892 Spiders 27 15 20 2 Duff Cooley 1895 Cardinals 22 9 20 7 Geo.
Gamewith most points: 6 ARI at CIN, NO at HOU, NYG at DET, 7 WAS at DAL, 8 NE at BUF, 10 CLE at BAL, KAN at IND, 14 MIA at PHI, PIT at NYJ, SAN at JAC, 16 CHI at SEA, STL at SF, 20 CAR at GB, 25 OAK at MIN, TB at ATL.
NYGS ([section]) is a nationally representative annual survey of law enforcement agencies, including all large cities (2).
This Fact Sheet summarizes NYGS findings from the 2004 survey.
NYGs are a useful tool, but their usefulness varies considerably from night to night, based on the environmental conditions.
It's a heckuva workload speedin' through the sky at night, wearin' NYGs and makin' your way to the tanker with a bunch of fast movin' birds in close company.