NYGCNational Youth Gang Center
NYGCNew York Golf Center
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CITE-seq, developed in the NYGC's technology innovation lab, complements BioLegend's extensive portfolio of antibodies and biomedical reagents.
In an effort to facilitate standardisation of the technology and allow comparison of data across many studies, BioLegend and the NYGC have established a large set of static barcodes, each of which are assigned to unique antibodies/proteins.
NYGC's goal is to translate genomic research into new diagnostics, therapeutics and treatments for human disease.
Within minutes, it verified the identity of the study's lead author, Sophie Zaaijer, a former member of NYGC and now a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Tech.
If an easier alternative were available, most researchers would use it, says Neville Sanjana, a core faculty member at NYGC and assistant professor at NYU's Department of Biology who works on skin and lung cancer cell lines and was not involved in the study.
(7) The National Youth Gang Center (NYGC) survey does not include gang-specific estimates.
(97) The NYGC survey is administered by DOJ's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
Furthermore, UB's New York State Center of Excellence comprises over one million patients' medical records, which could be combined on a de-identified basis with NYGC's genomic data to correlate genetic mutations with environmental factors including smoking and pollution to create new recommendations and public health policies for disease prevention.
The NYGC, which will obtain USD 55 million of the total sum, will be responsible for implementing advanced genomic research and broadening its application via cutting-edge technology.
"We also are particularly excited to have an anchor tenant like NYGC at 101, a testament to the development and growth prospects in the Hudson Square area."