NYHNew York Harbor
NYHNew York Hospital
NYHNew York Harriers (est. 1988; running club)
NYHNew York Herald
NYHNancy Yanes-Hoffman (medical writing services)
NYHNew Yorker Hotel (New York, NY)
NYHNew York Highlanders (baseball team, 1903 - 1912)
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Obgruntuvannya Metodu Ocinki Zalyshkovogo Resursu Metalevyh Konstrukcij Vantazhopidnimal nyh Mashyn.
The table shows that the overall mean volatility for spot WTI crude oil (38%) is less than that of spot market gasoline (42% for NYH, 46% for USG) or heating oil (41% for NYH, 40% for USG), which supports hypothesis #2.
In the spot markets, the increase in mean volatility is 0.011 for the spot crude oil, 0.0135 for NYH gasoline, 0.0151 for USG gasoline, 0.0129 for NYH heating oil and 0.0161 for USG heating oil.
Thapostel writ unto ous alle And seith that upon ous is falle Thende of the world; so may we knowe, This ymage is nyh overthrowe, Be which this world was signified, That whilom was so magnefied, And now is old and fieble and vil, Full of meschief and of peril, And stant divided ek also Lich to the feet that were so, As I tolde of the Statue above.
NYH Care Network, a not-for-profit corporation established to conceive and administer a managed care network for the metropolitan area, has annual revenues in excess of $21,000,000.