NYHANew York Heart Association
NYHANew York Heavy Artillery
NYHANew York Housing Authority
NYHANorth Yorkshire Health Authority (England, UK)
NYHANew York Holstein Association (cow breeders organization; Ithaca, NY)
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(who always loved me) crying out, "HNUY ILLA NYHA, MAJAH YAHOO;" "Take care of thyself, gentle YAHOO."
As patients advance from NYHA Class 1 through NYHA Class 4, there appears to be an increase in the proportion of patients with iron deficiency.
Participants mean age was 67 [+ or -] 6 years, 72% male, and most patients (65%) were NYHA class II, with mean LVEF 29 [+ or -] 8%.
At one year follow-up, he was well on optimal medical treatment with improvement in functional class from NYHA III to II.
We defined baseline NYHA class as the measure of NYHA stage which was identified temporally closest prior to the quarter of enrollment.
A 76-year-old male with a history of systolic CHF, NYHA class IV, presented with worsening shortness of breath over 4 weeks and fleeting chest pains.
Sixty patients with NYHA class II and III heart failure, left ventricle ejection fraction<40%, and QRS<150 ms, who were randomized to either left or right cervical VNS were enrolled.
40% were in class II of New York Health Association (NYHA), 32.63% in class III and 25.61% in class IV and 1.75% were in class I.
The symptoms in term of NYHA class of the patients in the AS group (1.96 [+ or -] 0.31) had better improvement than AS+AR group (2.06 [+ or -] 0.38).Both the volume indices i.e.
Adiponectin concentration increases with increasing HF severity and parallels NYHA functional class [19-22].