NYHANew York Heart Association
NYHANew York Heavy Artillery
NYHANew York Housing Authority
NYHANorth Yorkshire Health Authority (England, UK)
NYHANew York Holstein Association (cow breeders organization; Ithaca, NY)
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who always loved me) crying out, "HNUY ILLA NYHA, MAJAH YAHOO;" "Take care of thyself, gentle YAHOO.
2] in an earlier pilot study, the PEECH population may have been biased against realizing a similar benefit because they were predominantly NYHA class II and hence did not have a long way to go to reach an essentially normal response.
CARE-HF (Cardiac Resynchronization in Heart Failure): initiated in 2001, evaluated NYHA Class III, IV patients for 18 months and demonstrated CRT improves symptoms and reduces complications and risk of death.
Plasma big endothelin-1 concentrations in patients categorized according to the NYHA classification were evaluated by one-way analysis of variance, followed by the Newman-Keuls test.
Preclinical and early clinical data have suggested both a reduction in mitral regurgitation and improvements along other key parameters including NYHA class, 6 Minute Walk Times, and Quality of Life.
The great majority of the more than 5 million Americans with HF are NYHA class III.
The second ARB approved for heart failure (HF); the first was Diovan (valsartan), approved in 2002 for a narrower indication, NYHA class II-IV heart failure in people who cannot tolerate ACE inhibitors.
Ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy (IDCM) with NYHA Class II or III heart failure, documented prior myocardial infarction (MI), at least 40 days post MI, and measured left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) less than or equal to 35%; or