NYHPNational Youth Health Programme
NYHPNew York Health Project (genetics)
NYHPNew York Hospital Police (New York City)
NYHPNational Youth Health Promotion (Ukraine)
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The jeopardy for Long Islanders, including those covered by Medicare and employer-provided health insurance is that NYHP will replace their current health care system with one administered by the state.
For NYHP to succeed, New York State will require a federal waiver of regulations and program requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program and employer-provided coverage, along with New York receiving the money that the federal government would have spent on healthcare for New Yorkers.
The task for the Long Island six is to ensure that NYHP doesn't do economic damage to Long Island's hospitals, healthcare sector and Long Island's competitiveness with other regions for the companies already here and those we wish to attract.