NYISONew York Independent System Operator (operator of the New York electric power grid)
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While NYISO estimates that 726 MW of that increase can be absorbed by enhanced energy efficiency measures, such as improved energy appliances, increased use of solar photovoltaics and other "behind-the-meter" measures, the remaining supply gap will require additional sources of capacity.
Our organizations are focusing on reducing market inefficiencies along our borders, which will provide immense value to consumers,' said Bob Hiney, chairman of the NYISO Board.
The Osaka-based utility said it wants information on how to maintain a complicated grid infrastructure through deal with NYISO, which has administered the state's wholesale energy market amid deregulation in the power industry.
Among the 3 natural gas and dual-fired generating units located within the NYISO Zone J power market are - a 954 MW facility located in Queens; a 631 MW facility located in Brooklyn; and a 322 MW facility in addition situated in Brooklyn.
Lawrence, manager of Auxiliary Market Products for the NYISO.
Located approximately 20 miles from New York City, the project currently sells most of its electrical and steam output under long-term contracts, with the balance sold to the PJM and NYISO Zone J markets.
To participate in these DR programs, organizations should work with a Curtailment Service Provider (CSP), such as ConEdison Solutions, to turnkey the assessment of potential resources, registration levels, registration of load with NYISO and CECONY, bidding, and settlement of the various DR programs and revenue streams.
New York Building Congress Energy Committee chairman John Gilbert noted, "The NYISO forecast, while highly professional, relies on a set of assumptions that presents somewhat of a best case scenario, in terms of future generating needs.