NYISONew York Independent System Operator (operator of the New York electric power grid)
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While NYISO estimates that 726 MW of that increase can be absorbed by enhanced energy efficiency measures, such as improved energy appliances, increased use of solar photovoltaics and other "behind-the-meter" measures, the remaining supply gap will require additional sources of capacity.
(1) Link each load bus of IEEE 14-bus system to one region of NYISO using the following matrix:
In PJM, NYISO, and ERCOT, the grid demand charges that a customer must pay are based on its PLC from the year before.
* Minutes later, NYISO noted a larger power swing--approximately 700 MW-out to Ontario, as well as a coincident swing of similar proportion from the PJM grid operating system in the Mid-Atlantic region into the NYISO.
regional transmission operators (RTOs), including the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection (PJM) and the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), operate capacity markets.
(293) Dynegy's power plants largely sell power on the wholesale energy markets operated by regional Independent System Operators (ISO), such as NYISO, or Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO).
PJM and NYISO have been working to reach agreement on flow calculations, modeling approaches and procedures intended to reduce seams congestion.
Peak Prices Off-Peak Prices Mid-Columbia $17.58/MWh -34% $9.56/MWh -41% CAISO NP15 $27.08/MWh -24% $19.78/MWh 10% Palo Verde $25.66/MWh -26% $18.75/MWh -3% ERCOT Houston Zone $33.16/MWh -30% $18.56/MWh -4% MISO Illinois Hub $38.17/MWh -25% $21.25/MWh -12% PJM West $36.81/MWh -32% $26.21/MWh -16% Into Southern $27.17/MWh -35% $27.09/MWh -6% Mass Hub $41.77/MWh -39% $25.55/MWh -41% NYISO Zone J $47.77/MWh -39% $26.55/MWh -42% Peak prices (top) dropped significantly in many major wholesale price hubs, due in part to the warmest winter on record and a 10-year low in natural gas prices.
Electricity price volatility and the marginal cost of congestion: an empirical study of peak hours on the NYISO market, 2001-2004.
Since 2004, leading market participants have relied on Genscape to provide the industry's most comprehensive and insightful forecasts of day-ahead prices, demand and risks for the NYISO's most liquid hubs - Zones A and G.
(ISO-NE), and New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) qualify as markets [with non-discriminatory access] described in [section] 292.309(a)(1)(i) and (ii), and there is a rebuttable presumption that qualifying facilities with a capac0ity greater than 20 megawatts have nondiscriminatory access to those markets through Commission-approved open access transmission tariffs and interconnection rules, and that electric utilities that are members of such regional transmission organizations or independent system operators (RTO/ISOs) should be relieved of the Obligation to purchase electric energy from the qualifying facilities.