NYJNew York Jets
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The NYJ had appeared in the AFC championship game the previous two seasons, and were ranked 7th in ESPN's Power Rankings at the beginning of the season.
Since the first report in 1994 of an autochthonous MRSA clone originating in Brazil, (21) known as the Brazilian clone, four additional clones circulating in Latin America have been described; the Cordobes, the Pediatric, the Chilean and the NYJ clones.
[The synonym series OSIBAT'SJA.] In Novyj ob''jasnitel nyj slovar' sinonimov russkogo jazyka, Ju.
A manuscript copy of "Revocation" is also located at NYj (Manuscript Collection).
Best handicaps AFC +2.5 NFC -2 TV Sky Sports 2, 12.20am STARTING LINE-UPS AFC Offence - OT R Clady (Den), J Thomas (Cle), OG L Mankins (NE), A Faneca (NYJ), C N Mangold (NYJ), WR A Johnson (Hou), B Marshall (Den), RB C Johnson (Ten), FB L McClain (Bal), QB M Schaub (Hou), TE A Gates (SD).
Remaining fixtures of main play-off hopefuls - AFC Baltimore: at DAL, v JAX; Denver: v BUF, at SD; Indianapolis: at JAX, v TEN; Miami: at KC, at NYJ; New England: v ARI, at BUF; NY Jets: at SEA, v MIA; San Diego: at TB, v DEN.
Stan James - first-half handicaps (teams 10-11 unless stated): Evs IND -0.5 at 4-5 MIN, 20-23 GB -2.5 at 20-21 DET, 10-11 NE scr at 10-11 NYJ, 20-21 SD scr at 20-23 DEN, 20-21 PIT -3.5 at 20-23 CLE, 20-21 PHI +4 at 20-23 DAL.
Week Two Vegas line - Sunday: OAK +2.5 at KC, TEN +2 at CIN, IND N/A at MIN, NO +0.5 at WAS, GB - 1 at DET, CHI +3.5 at CAR, NYG -8 at STL, BUF +6.5 at JAX, ATL +8 at TB, SF +9 at SEA, MIA +7 at ARI, NE +2.5 at NYJ, BAL +5 at HOU, SD -3 at DEN, PIT -5.5 at CLE; Monday: PHI +6.5 at DAL.
Ladbrokes - game with most points: 4DAL at CLE, 5 KC at NE, 7 STL at PHI, 8 CHI at IND, 9 HOU at PIT, TB at NO, 10 ARI at SF, CAR at SD, 12 DET at ATL, 14 CIN at BAL, SEA at BUF, 16 JAX at TEN, 20 NYJ at MIA.
Gamewith most points: 6 ARI at CIN, NO at HOU, NYG at DET, 7 WAS at DAL, 8 NE at BUF, 10 CLE at BAL, KAN at IND, 14 MIA at PHI, PIT at NYJ, SAN at JAC, 16 CHI at SEA, STL at SF, 20 CAR at GB, 25 OAK at MIN, TB at ATL.
Match with most points: 7 DET at DAL, ARI at SD, 8 STL at PHI, 9 NE at TEN, PIT at CIN, STL at MIN, MIA at IND, 10 SF at DEN, 14 CLE at HOU, 16 SEA at TB, 20 CAr at NO, JAX at KC, GB at CHI, BUF at BAL, OAK at NYJ.E-w 1/4 1,2,3.