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NYLJ publisher George Dillehay said the new section "was designed to provide Nassau and Suffolk attorneys with the latest news, features and services specifically designed for this vital and burgeoning community."
In addition to full text of NYLJ stories, the site also includes "Today's News Updates," a NYLJ front page column about law firms, a list of those law firms mentioned in the column, and a Web directory with links to more than 2000 legal resource Web sites.
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v Fuentes, (NYLJ August 4, 1999, Pg 23, Col 4) are: Fuentes, a prospective tenant, submitted her application to rent a rent stabilized apartment in which she represented that she owned one cat and one dog, which she intended to bring into the apartment.
Mills (NYLJ, May 13, 1998 P.28 Col.6) that the three-day demand notice for rent served upon a tenant in arrears, as is required by New York State law, if made by the attorney for the landlord, constituted a violation of FDCPA.
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