NYMANew York Military Academy
NYMANew York Metropolitan Area
NYMANorthwest Youth Music Association (Washington and Oregon)
NYMANorth Yorkshire Moors Association (est. 1984; UK)
NYMANew York Medical Alliance (est. 2001; Bronx, NY)
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This expansion of the Lightpath team continues the recent reorganization of Cablevision's management team under Joe Azznara, the company's NYMA president," said Mr.
Caraguilo is responsible for the Switching, Network Engineering and HFC Telephony for NYMA, including the Westchester project and the network operation center.
The New York Manhattan Hotel, or NYMA for short, is in the heart of Little Korea and really does fit the budget bill without skimping on the level of service you would expect in upmarket American hotels.
The Company is continuing to aggressively upgrade its cable network and anticipates that by year-end 2000 nearly 100% of its network in the NYMA cluster will be a minimum of 550MHz/77 channels capable.