NYMACNew York-Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Genetic and Newborn Screening Services
NYMACNew York Municipal Advisors Corporation (Syosset, NY)
NYMACNew York Metropolitan Advisory Committee (New York, NY)
NYMACNew York Multi-Arts Centers Consortium
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NYMAC will use the results of this survey to create strategies to increase attendance to genetics appointments.
NYMAC serves individuals with genetic conditions living in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC and West Virginia.
The New York-Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Genetic and Newborn Screening Services (NYMAC) is a Regional Genetics Collaborative funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration.
From across the NYMAC region, 184 parents responded to the survey.
The NYMAC Relays saw the team of Kath Aspin, Trish Speedie, Kerry Neesam and Kay Neesam pick up sedcond place in the F160-plus category, while Dom Shaw ran well in the British Milers' Club event at the Sportcity Grand Prix as he completed the 5,000m in 14:23:49.
In 2011 NYMAC offered advocacy groups the opportunity to reach out to their specific audiences.
NYMAC promotes and facilitates educational opportunities, including advocacy training at leadership programs, partnership with genetic counseling students, and educational materials such as the Emergency Preparedness Wallet Cards.
Senior men: 1, P Lowe (NYMAC) 32.37; 2, C Stead (NFR) 33.06; 3, J Charles (U/A) 33.28; 4, L Banton (Clowne RR) 34.15; 5, R Bellamy (NYMAC) 34.25; 6, D Elser (Knavesmire) 34.37.
O-40, R Bellamy (NYMAC) 34.2; O-45, B Atkinson (Knavesmire) 35.50; O-50, R Burn (T&S) 37.20; O-55, C Rafferty (U/A) 41.31; O-60, N Scruton (Scarborough) 38.20; O-65, R Sherwood (NMH) 44.44.
Robert Pollard (NYMAC) won the Over-50 title and Archie Jenkins (Morpeth) the Over-55 event.
Nathan Williams of NYMAC was third to take the NE bronze medal.
Nathan Williams, of NYMAC, runner-up in the recent Huddersfield event, was third and took the North-east silver medal with Steven Potts of Sunderland the bronze medallist.