NYNHPNew York Natural Heritage Program
NYNHPNew York Natural Health Project (New York, NY)
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We found differences in the number of sites with cobblestone tiger beetles between the 2000-2002 NYNHP surveys and those in 2008-2009.
Three critical habitat areas are protected today thanks to surveys by NYNHP at the Rocky Point Natural Resources Management Area in Brookhaven.
Working in collaboration with the Torrey Botanical Society and the New Jersey Natural Heritage Program NYNHP botanist Troy Weldy identified two extremely rare wildflowers on the outskirts of New York City.
Two years ago, NYNHP zoologists teamed with the DEC Endangered Species Unit and regional biologists to search a mine in Ulster County for hibernating rare bats, particularly the federally designated endangered Indiana bat.
NYNHP has been actively searching for new populations in the Hudson River Valley, and their work has revealed 14 new populations in the last two years.
Yet nature periodically reveals new treasures, such as a new dragonfly that was identified by dragonfly expert Ken Soltesz working with NYNHP along the Delaware River.
Return a Gift to Wildlife funding has provided the foundation for NYNHP's work.