NYNVNew York New Visions (rebuilding Lower Manhattan; New York City)
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"The chosen scheme will succeed only if it is part of a larger agreed planning process for Lower Manhattan," said Hugh Hardy FAIA, chair of NYNV's Plan Review Task Force.
The NYNV's Plan Review Task Force previously announced its evaluation criteria and it analyzed the Mayor's proposal in terms of each of its component parts, including memorialization, uses and phasing, transportation and connections, open spaces, feasible program, relationship to context, and overall plan quality.
Referring to the schemes as a whole, Hugh Hardy FAIA, chairman of the NYNV Plan Review Task Force, remarked, "The proposals succeed in highlighting for public discussion a series of thoughtful responses to critical design issues--different methods of balancing memorialization with commercial development, approaches to the site as a stand-alone icon or as a careful fit with the surrounding community, how to achieve innovative open space with maximum accessibility to the public, how to integrate transit, auto and pedestrian flow into a constrained site, and how to plan for feasible phasing in a project without a defined program."
NYNV's Plan Review Task Force, which is providing an independent evaluation of the World Trade Center site plans, undertook an initial look at crucial questions in a series of meetings over the last two days.
NYNV's Plan Review Task Force, convened to provide an independent civic sector evaluation of upcoming Trade Center plans, discussed the mayor's proposal following its recent announcement.
To this end NYNV encourages citizens to look at the schemes and ask their own questions about what type of future the plans may yield.