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NYONew York Observer (newspaper)
NYONational Youth Orchestra (Great Britain)
NYONative Youth Olympics
NYONorthside Youth Organization (Atlanta, GA)
NYONew Youth Orchestra (San Diego, CA)
NYONot Yet Out
NYONew York Offstage (New York, NY)
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'Kasi ang problema nyo, you're supposed to buy and sell to stabilize the price of rice e kasama kayo dun sa magulo e kaya nga nagkaganito tayo e.
"I was surprised to open my part and see that in fact I would not be playing the cello but clapping and singing," says George of the piece, originally written for 13 percussionists, but now re-orchestrated by the composer especially for the NYO.
"It will give me a chance to help make top quality music that audiences will enjoy, worldwide, and also an opportunity to play an ambassadorial role for the NYO, supporting and encouraging young people from Leicestershire to be involved in music."
Late Sangeen was a precious asset of the Pukhtun Student Federation and NYO and his services for the cause of Pukhtuns were commendable.
Shah Hussain was president of NYO, a youth organisation of Awami National Party.
Nyo Nyo Tin is among the critics who say that the proposed amendments could further curb the ability of citizens to gather in public.
This he said while chairing a meeting of the newly elected office bearers of NYO here on Thursday.
The NYO Inspire Orchestra is a group of highly talented young musicians, aged between 13 and 19, chosen for their flair and talent during a series of auditions held up and down the country.
What follows is the speech delivered at the district NYO in 2004.
Following two rounds of auditions and workshops in Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and London in front of NYO's world-class professional tutors, these 165 were identified as the most talented and enthralling young orchestral musicians nationally.
"I have been playing the cello for six years and can't wait to join the 165 members of the NYO to start touring the country as part of the NYO's 2013 season.