NYOCNational Youth Orchestra of Canada
NYOCNew York Open Center (New York, NY)
NYOCNew York Outdoorsman Central
NYOCNew Yorkers on Crack (paintball club)
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There are further references to these events in "A Collection of Various Interviwes and Visionary Scens ...." NYOC #12,316.
No, mi pregunta es ?quien les vende el asunto ese que necesitan para lograr su "high"?(NYOC)
(9) For the sake of space, the following abbreviations will be used henceforth in charts and examples: Cuban American drama (CU); Botanica (CUBO)\ Beautiful Senoritas (CUBS); Nuyorican drama (NY); Olu Clemente (NYOC)\ Chicano drama (CH); Brujerias (CHB); Los vendidos (CHLV)Panfila la curandera (CHPC).