NYOWNational Youth Orchestra of Wales
NYOWNew York, Ontario and Western Railway
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This unique NYOW Alumni Orchestra, with players drawn from some of Europe's mostcelebrated orchestras and ensembles, will perform in aid of the orchestra that played such a huge part in their own musical development and careers.
DREW (Louder, beating out a rhythm with his hands and placing annoying emphases on words): I'm a little airplane nyow I'm a little airplane nyow nyow I'm a little airplane nyow I'm a little airplane nyow nyow And wangity-wang, wangity-wang I'm a little airplane nyow Jake continues to ignore Drew.
Matthew Jones, Youth Music Manager with NYOW, said: "We're delighted that Matthew is able to join us for this very special performance.
The group grows from strengthto-strength and this summer six composers will create six new works and up to 40 minutes of new music, including a fanfare for five harps - all played by members drawn from NYOW 2015.
Owain said: ``I am thrilled to be invited to conduct the NYOW. Working with young people has always been an inspiration for me and the energy and freshness of their approach produces the most amazing results, so it is particularly privilege to be able to work with the youth of my own country.''
Jake Durham from Dinas Powys has played trombone with NYOW for four years, and performed in the BBC Proms collaboration in 2012.
The impressive musicianship and enthusiasm of the gifted players of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales (NYOW) shone through in a programme they shared with the professionals of Welsh Sinfonia.
It's particularly rewarding when a former member returns to lead or contribute to the next generation of performers, notably demonstrated this year with the return of Grant Llewellyn to conduct the National Youth Orchestra of Wales (NYOW).
The week prior to the hectic touring schedule of NYOW, for example, was a work hard, play hard experience, with numerous social events slotted in between the rehearsals.
After concerts in Newcastle, Manchester and Wrexham earlier in the week - a tour which would have tested the stamina of many an experienced professional musician - they delivered one of the most impressive performances I've ever heard by this orchestra and I've been following the NYOW for the past 50 years.