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NYPANew York Power Authority
NYPANew York Press Association (Albany, NY)
NYPANorth Yorkshire Police Authority (England, UK)
NYPANew York Production Alliance (New York, NY)
NYPANot Your Personal Army (used on online forums)
NYPANorth Yorkshire Probation Area (UK)
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E-J Electric partners with O'Connell Electric as a joint venture on the state wide sensor deployment initiative to design, build and install new sensors across NYPA facilities.
The RFI is intended to help NYPA gauge private sector interest in collaborating on new business and ownership models for developing EV infrastructure and services.
NYPA and DEC spread pea gravel and built retaining walls and shelters to improve nesting habitat along 10,000 square feet on three breakwalls to protect the eggs and newly hatched chicks.
Though sandbox scenarios might be here shortly, the first phase of NYPA's initiative connected its assets to iSOC, starting with plants operating gas and steam turbines.
According to GE, this collaboration will focus on improving system-wide performance and operating costs of NYPA's hydroelectric and gas-based electricity generation capability, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.
It is now 58 years--since 1957--since NYPA had the right to control all the electricity generated from the Niagara River on the US side.
NYPA's Build Smart NY Program, which will be implemented in conjunction with New York Governor Andrew M.
Almost 30 percent of NYPA's workforce will be eligible to retire by 2015, and nearly 50 percent can leave by 2020, making succession planning and recruitment critical areas of concern.
NYPA would specifically consider proposals that create jobs for manufacturing, assembly, installing, operating and maintaining within the state.
Under the terms of the agreement, NYPA and EPRI will examine the feasibility of using hydropower to run an electrolysis unit to separate hydrogen from water molecules.
"Electric drive vehicles are ideally suited for delivery application in an urban environment where air quality and noise reduction affect the overall quality of life," said NYPA chief operating officer Timothy Carey.