NYPAANorth York Pinoy Athletic Association
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"A limitations period that expires before suit can be brought is not really a limitations period at all, but simply a nullification of the claim." A portion of NYPAA's brief was quoted by the New York Law Journal:
This is the latest in a series of landmark decisions which NYPAA has influenced through its Amicus program.
The new law, sponsored by Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein and Member of the Assembly David Weprin, goes a long way to help consumers understand some of the conflicts involved when a contractor also tries to serve as a public adjuster on the same claim, Bob DAmore, president of the NYPAA stated, adding: "As a result of a series of complaints filed against a single City Island business that was operating as both contractor and public adjuster referring business from one to the other without making disclosure to the consumer and creating a conflict of interest, this legislation was introduced and passed by both houses of the Legislature in one session.