NYPHNew York Presbyterian Hospital
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For pulmonary disease caused by MAC, the greater proportion of affected women appeared to reflect the higher proportion of women in the older age strata of the base population of NYPH. The correlation of NTM disease with gender did not appear to be attributable to a higher prevalence of concurrent medical conditions or concomitant medication use among women.
Another new technique being studied by NYPH combines the benefits of both laparoscopic and open surgery for the removal of parts of the colon in colorectal cancer patients.
Last November, NYPH announced a seven-year, $228 million IT outsourcing contract with First Consulting Group (FCG), making it one of the jumbo IT outsource contract awards in the industry.
NYPH is not alone in seeking results through change.
"The biggest issue a CIO faces after signing the contract is managing the performance objectives for the first six months," says Diane Daniele, Interim CIO for NYPH, (aligne Inc., a Safeguard Scientific Company).
NYPH's office of the chief information officer (OCIO) designed a governance model to make IT a more effective investment tool by focusing on strategic planning and thinking, monitoring, governing partnerships and change management.
"You must show people what the future looks like and restructure the business simultaneously," says Guy Scalzi, NYPH's former CIO and now the account manager for the New York outsource team.
The trench work of transition and change management continues each day at NYPH with core process improvement teams focused on everything from leadership training to wiring closet inspections.
NYPH, composed of New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, is affiliated with two Ivy League medical institutions, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College.
Another unusual aspect of the arrangement is the creation of FCG Management Services, separate from FCG, to operate the NYPH contract, but also to seek further healthcare IT outsourcing contracts.