NYPIRGNew York Public Interest Research Group
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CUNY has repeatedly tried to block students from reducing NYPIRG funding via a referendum procedure, a right that students are putatively granted in university regulations.
"In effect, these factors end up being proxies for income, race and ethnicity," NYPIRG's Morrison said.
"The debate around the states Scaffold Law is another example of insurers claiming there's a crisis, without publicly putting out any verifiable data to back up their claims," said NYPIRG Legislative Counsel Russ Haven.
This fall's increases will range from 23 percent or $600 at the multi-campus Suffolk County Community College to 2 percent or $50 at Dutchess County Community College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., according to NYPIRG. Community-college tuition is often calculated by the credit hour because of the large number of part-time students.
Hire sufficient subway cleaners so that the NY Public Interest Research Group's (NYPIRG) annual scorecard rating shows conditions markedly improving with the goal that all subway cars and stations are "acceptably clean," within two years.
Following the Greenpeace tests the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has included the Teletubbies at the top of their list of 20 toys to avoid this Christmas.
The warning from NYPIRG came as Cuomo said the unclaimed deposits issue would not be resolved as part of the new state budget that is due by Friday, as he had wanted.
At least 25 percent and as many as 40 percent of these respondents who had won stated that they were unable to satisfy even part of their judgments (Graham 1981; Leshin 1984; NYPIRG Citizen News 1979; Yngvesson and Hennessey 1975).
Bar Association, independent groups of concerned scientists and citizens (such as Election Watch, CPSR and NYPIRG), and SRI International (a consultant to N.Y.C., and the system evaluatiors), all of whom have indicated that the equipment is not yet fit for use.
There is disagreement between NYSFMA and the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) on the significant of this.
AIA cannot comment on the accuracy or veracity of the specifics of the recently released NYPIRG study.