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Undoubtedly, some NYPO audience members would have even known that Bernstein had by this point left his wife and set up house with Tom Cothran.
(2.) News of Bernstein's appointment as NYPO music director was announced in November 1957.
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris, Grofe Grand Canyon Suite, Leonard Bernstein, NYPO; Sony SS 89033 - single layer stereo*.
(Before ye editor holds up the banner for the Chicago SO, and others rally 'round the NYPO or the Philadelphia, let me say that this doesn't necessarily mean that the Cleveland was the best orchestra in the world, although I think that argument has some merit My claim is only that they played with an ensemble precision rarely matched before or since.) Anyway, that tightness, the ability to play in perfect unison, serves the Brahms First Concerto well.