NYPTINew York Prosecutors Training Institute (continuing legal education)
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2013-DB-BX- K005 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance to the New York Prosecutors Training Institute (NYPTI).
In the spirit of becoming more technologically savvy, NYPTI created Prosecutors' Encyclopedia (PE), a Web site for prosecutors that brings together some of the best features of technology and customizes them for prosecutors' use.
During the development of PE, NYPTI was awarded a competitive grant from the Department of Justice that allowed us to further enhance PE with streaming video of forensic experts testifying in high profile cases across the nation.
Additionally, if you are a part-time prosecutor, please contact NYPTI at pe-help@nypti.org to obtain an agreement for part-time prosecutors that you must complete in order to gain access.
Developed by the New York Prosecutors Training Institute, Inc (NYPTI), the NDAA Brief Bank is the only resource of its kind, providing an easy and secure way for prosecutors to help other prosecutors throughout their state and around the country.
NYPTI is currently organizing regional remote loading training seminars; look for one in your area soon.
NYPTI will train prosecutors interested in becoming remote loaders for free.