NYRWNew York Radical Women
NYRWNew York Restaurant Week (discount period)
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9), as such bodies "lacked autonomy: they were bearers of meaning rather than makers of meaning." And yet, Kerr's outward gestures now separate her from the peaceful suffrage marchers; she both steps into the man's space and challenges it with her body language, conflating the pleasure of speaking out with the danger of doing so in the same way we see the NOW marchers do and the NYRW protestor do (Figs.
4), a demonstration that Robin Morgan organized with her group, the New York Radical Women (NYRW) at the 1968 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
The NYRW posters conform to Hays Harper's characterization of first-wave suffrage intent: They "were made by convinced individuals with no commercial motives.
10) and the NYRW protestor's blissful disregard for propriety (Fig.
Feminists from NYRW donned funeral attire and organised a drum corps, while feminists from other groups provided songs written especially for the occasion.
Nonetheless, NYRW and other Burial participants admonished the Brigade for enacting a similarly 'powerless' and 'ineffective' feminine role by appealing to Congress to end the war.
During the burial itself, the symbolic interment of this femininity at Arlington Cemetery--the U.S.'s national military cemetery--allowed NYRW members and other feminists to mount their challenge to this normative femininity, delineate its connections to war and peace, and begin to chart an alternative roles and ideals for women.