NYSBANew York State Bar Association
NYSBANew York State Broadcasters Association
NYSBANew York State Bridge Authority (Highland, NY)
NYSBANew York State Brewers Association
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(121) The NYSBA group also recommended a "catch-all" provision that would give judges the "authority and flexibility" to order even more discovery when the evidence sought is "reasonably likely to be material." (122)
NYSBA stresses that there has never been a broadcast royalty right, neither before nor after 1972.
Neither a captive nor self-insurance, a reciprocal insurance company is instead an arrangement where the owners (in this case, NYSBA members) are both the insurers and the policyholders of the reciprocal.
Tucker on behalf of the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association, before the Senate Finance Committee, April 27, 1999, at 4-6; Statement of David Lifson, supra note 6, at 12; NYSBA Report on Tax Shelter Proposals, at 879.
(126) See Minutes of the January 30, 2012 NYSBA C.P.L.R Committee Meeting, N.Y.
Similarly, the NYSBA recommends that the Service not only clarify "reprimand" but also address the absence of "procedural rules ...
nysba.org (select "News Center" hyperlink, then select "News Release" hyperlink).
Pally has announced that the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA) will voice its concerns in court over a plan it says could cost developers millions.
17, 2006), available at http://www.nysba.org/Content/ContentGroups/Section_Informationl/Tax_Section_Reports/1115rpt.pdf [hereinafter NYSBA Letter]; Paul Devinsky, John Fuisz & Thomas Sykes, Whose Tax Law Is It?, LEGALTIMES.COM, Oct.
(61) Maryann Saccomando Freedman, who at that time was the president-elect of the New York State Bar Association ("NYSBA"), mused about the lack of progress women had made since 1886 given her introduction as the first woman on the Erie County Bar Board of Directors, the first woman president of that bar, the first woman secretary of the NYSBA, and the first woman president of NYSBA.
(4) Several commentators have considered the draft TSDA, including the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Taxation; (5) the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); (6) the Tax Council; (7) and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Tax Section.
Scott Fein, Would a State Constitutional Amendment Promote Public Authority Fiscal Reform?, NYSBA GOV'T, L.