NYSCRNew York State Cancer Registry
NYSCRNew York State Central Register (child abuse reporting)
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Following a formal application process and a series of technical planning meetings with the NYS Medicaid program, the NYSCR received an encrypted file of the 6.5 million eligible persons via secure file transfer protocol (ftp).
This matching approach was developed internally within the NYSCR for routine case processing and has been applied to numerous research projects.
Based on a review of a large sample of these cases, a slight majority of the errors were in the NYSCR data; these records were corrected and retained in the analytic dataset.
The linkage between the NYSCR and New York State Medicaid enrollment files yields a large dataset that is weighted toward persons who are young, foreign born, never married, a member of an ethnic or racial minority, a resident of the inner-city or rural fringe, and diagnosed with a site of cancer associated with lower socioeconomic status.
A clerical review of these cases determined that the NYSCR was more likely to have the incorrect gender by about a 3-to-2 margin.
While this is an inconsequential number in terms of data analysis, the identification and resolution of duplicate records is a task taken very seriously by the NYSCR, as it influences data certification.
A preliminary review of the linked data also revealed instances where treatment information not reported to the NYSCR was captured in a Medicaid record.