NYSCRFNew York State Common Retirement Fund
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One reason the NYSCRF chose to sue Qualcomm for access to its books and records seems to be that Irwin Jacobs, the company's co-founder, the former chair of its board, and the father of its current CEO and board chair, is himself a major Democratic Party supporter who contributed over $2 million to Democratic-leaning super PACs in the 2012 election cycle.
These include NYSCRF's books-and-records suit against Qualcomm, the request that the SEC require disclosure of political spending, and the DISCLOSE Act, which would have increased mandatory disclosure of election-related spending but failed to clear Congress in 2010.
The move will see NYSCRF benchmark $100 million to the index as part of its clean tech allocation.
NYSCRF has acquired interests in two Boston Properties assets through the joint venture: a 49 percent interest in Metropolitan Square, a 582,194 square-foot multi-tenant Class A office building in Washington, DC, and a 75 percent interest in 140 Kendrick Street in Needham, Massachusetts, a 381,000 square-foot build-to-suit development for Parametric Technology that is expected to be delivered in the first quarter 2001.
If you scoff at the notion that a position some see as only "head bean counter" could actually become a political force, consider this: he has confronted corporate America on the issues of diversity and corporate citizenship, and as the sole trustee of the NYSCRF, he has almost doubled its value to more than $107 billion--an accomplishment that will keep it fully funded far into the future.