NYSDECNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation
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at * 2 (stating that NYSDEC will consider local suggestions with regard to "setbacks, barriers, operating hours, dust control, and hours of operation" but will not stop a mining permit application altogether over a zoning dispute); see also Valley Realty Dev.
Approximately 1.5 million households in New York have some kind of septic system (NYSDEC 1997).
EPA and the NYSDEC requested that the federal court judge appoint a special administrator, with autonomous powers, reporting directly to the court to oversee treatment plant repairs and renovations.
But we're getting older: a 2015 NYSDEC report showed a third of instructors surveyed are age 60 or older.
Levels of TCE in soil vapor above the plume typically ranged from 100 to 10,000 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] (McDonald and Wertz 2007; NYSDEC 2003).
NYSDEC described the situation as an example Construction Corp., and Thomas Datre, 37, of Ronkonkoma, a solid waste hauler under contract with Stuart, allegedly violated numerous separate environmental laws while conducting illegal mining and solid waste activities at the site.
On the basis of these results and a decline in water temperature to 63.5 F (17.5 C), NYSDEC reopened Oyster Bay to commercial shellfish harvesting on October 22.
CONSERVATION, NEW YORK STATEWIDE ANGLER SURVEY 1996, REPORT 1: ANGLER EFFORT AND EXPENDITURES 10 (1997) [hereinafter NYSDEC FISH AND WILDLIFE 1996 SURVEY] (noting that 1,057,337 fishing licenses were issued for the 1995-1996 fishing season and estimating that "[t]hese anglers fished a total of 18,606,380 days in 1996, or a mean of 21.1 days").
The effluent limits were accepted by the NYCDEP and the NYSDEC.
NYSDEC identified six additional areas within the Eighteen Mile Creek watershed where cleanup activities are also needed.