NYSMNow You See Me (film)
NYSMNew York State Museum (Albany, NY)
NYSMNew York State Militia (Civil War)
NYSMNew York School of Music (Walden, NY)
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One distinctiveness of ARTSE2017 was to make use of existing operational statewide mesonets including Missouri and Kentucky mesonets on the path of the totality, and NYSM on the 70%-80% eclipse path.
Preliminary results from NYSM. The partial eclipse arrived at the furthest west NYS station (Clymer, New York) at 1310 EDT, peaked around 1430 EDT, and left NYS at around 1600 EDT.
We used 5-min NYSM solar radiation, temperatures at 2 and 9 m, and wind gust data on 21 August 2017 to calculate a few variables.
The data collected in ARTSE2017 and NYSM add to the current body of work toward understanding short-term weather phenomena and serves to address the complex nature of particular phenomena such as gravity waves.
This research was also made possible by the New York State Mesonet (NYSM).
(a) Total solar radiation (W [m.sup.-2]) at the maximum eclipse, drops of (b) solar radiation and (c) surface air temperature ([degrees]C) at 2 m, and (d) increases of temperature differences between 9 and 2 m using NYSM data on 21 Aug 2017.
A loopful of bacterial culture from each NYSM medium slant was inoculated to 3 ml of NYSM broth.
We selected 35 isolates in NYSM medium, which presented higher growth (colony diameter) and presence of spores four days after inoculation (8 from rural soil, 15 from urban soil and 4 each from each species of insect) and evaluated them for entomopathogenicity against C.
Seed culture preparation: First stage seed was taken from the lyophilized seed lot and the spores were suspended in 1 ml of nutrient yeast salt medium (NYSM) broth (27).
Fermentation procedure: The production medium (NYSM) (60 1) was charged into a 100 1 bioreactor and sterilized at 121[degrees]C/15 psi for 20 min.