NYSSNew York Sire Stakes
NYSSNew York State Society (Arlington, VA)
NYSSNew York Sailing School (est. 1968)
NYSSNew York Secretary of State
NYSSNew York Superhero Syndicate (comics)
NYSSNew York Style Sausage (Sunnyvale, CA)
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NYSS, which located in Brooklyn, New York, supplies crushed stone, sand and gravel to the construction industry in the New York metropolitan area.
Analyses of NYSs by DSC show wide and single endothermal peaks which indicate the lack of polymorphism and the impurity of samples.
(35.) Ibid.; "Bortser man fran den nyss angifna enheten; da upploser sig detta verk i en myckenhet sarskilda och forofrigt blott lost sammanhangande taflor."
On the low level of criminal prosecution in nineteenth-century New York, see NYSS, Proceedings Before the Special Committee of the New York State Senate, Appointed to Investigate in Respect to the Departments of the Government of New York City (Albany, 1876), table of convictions; Eric H.
Nyss. opera (GNO) IIIa 46.20-48.8 treated at Etudes 1.396-7; and 48.20-51.5 treated at Etudes 1:397-98.
In conjunction with the NYSS, RUS New York has put together a seven race fair series to promote the sport as well as showcase the versatility of the Standardbred.
(Swedish Book Review 102) Da steg en mjaltsjuk svartalf opp, och plotsligt bet sig den svarte vid mitt hjarta fast: och se, pa en gang allt blev tomt och odsligt, och sol och stjarnor morknade i hast: mitt landskap, nyss sa glatt, lag morkt och hostligt, lund blev, var blomsterstangel brast.
ET 301 of both the AICPA and NYSS CPA's Codes of Professional Conduct generally prohibits a CPA from disclosing confidential client information to any party (including affiliates and nonaffiliated third parties) without the client's specific consent for such disclosure.
Miss Nysses from Puka Puka takes miscegenation for granted, and in so doing marks off its difference from white writing.