NYSUTNew York State United Teachers
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A NYSAPE press release in March 2015 (also prior to the NYSUT endorsement) advertised 40 opt-out forums throughout the state during that month alone.
In early 2009, for example, the NYSUT lobbied for the elimination from the state budget of a planned $51 million increase in charter school funding, and for the inclusion of a significant increase in funding for traditional public school districts.
2009) "Charter School Teachers Say Union Is Against Them: Pickets Feel NYSUT Short-Changes Their Schools.
121) The NYSUT letter also emphasizes that the bill would ensure that those who take care of the youngest, and often poorest and neediest children are finally treated with dignity and respect.
Press Release, CSEA Local 1000, CSEA, NYSUT Urge Veto Override on Union Representation Bill for Child-Care Workers (June 14, 2006), http:// www.
On January 24, NYSUT gave $27,990 to Democratic committees and $15,200 to GOP committees.
A team from NYSED, including Steiner and King, met in a conference room at NYSED headquarters, across the street from the capitol in Albany, with a team from NYSUT, led by the union's number two, Maria Neira.
Iannuzzi reaffirmed the point when I discussed it with him at NYSUT headquarters last winter.
On this one, however, NYSUT faced stiff competition from the Williams-led ERN team, which, while telling the public that this was up or down on the money, was telling legislators it was up or down on the nitty-gritty issues of teacher evaluations and charter reform.
On one occasion, NYSUT slipped an amendment on to an obscure law that would have limited the market share of charters in Albany to 5 percent.
NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO.
In addition to legal action, NYSUT is lobbying lawmakers to pass legislation to put a cap on prescription drug costs," Lubin said.