NYTANew York Transit Authority
NYTANew York Transhumanist Association
NYTANorth York Tennis Association
NYTANot Your Typical Agency
NYTANational Youth Training Academy (Bangladesh)
NYTANew York Tibetan Alliance
NYTANew York Trading Assistants
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NYTA expects to continue its repairs in coming years as state officials evaluate several alternatives for upgrading the 3 1/10-mile-long crossing.
As those choices are narrowed over the next decade, NYTA plans to continue repairs to the concrete bridge deck.
"To improve the long-term performance and waterproof protection of the new bridge panels, the NYTA decided to install a multi-layer, 3/8-inch thick polymer overlay in lieu of the standard 2-inch thick asphalt wearing surface," says Kevin Michols, chairman of ICRI's awards committee and a vice president with Construction Technology Laboratories Inc., Skokie, Ill.
Since 2001 the NYTA's artificial reef program has deposited 967 of the 1,217 "Redbird" cars available at reefs in Delaware, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.
Prior to the cars' deployment, the NYTA strips them of all tanks, plastic, degradable materials, floatables and greases to avoid possible contamination of the marine ecosystem.