NYTBRNew York Times Book Review
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An ad in the 25 April 1920 NYTBR for This Side of Paradise quotes Burton Rascoe ("It is the only adequate study that we have had of the contemporary American in adolescence and young manhood") and E.
Promotions of collections were adjusted upward: for Flappers and Philosophers (1920), 64 ads/8 NYTBR, and for Tales of the Jazz Age (1922), somewhat more, 101 ads/11 NYTBR.
The Sun Also Rises received 181 ads/29 NYTBR, producing 10 printings the first year--total: 14 printings, 36,140 copies.
For the first five books, Scribner's purchased 742 ads, 78 in the NYTBR. Publishers' Weekly anchored a major campaign for A Farewell to Arms between April and September 1929, with ads promoting both the novel's serialization in Scribner's Magazine and its October book publication.
But the NYTBR is by no means the most unbalanced of our publications.
Perhaps the silliest response I've heard was that of a NYTBR editor who visited the Radcliffe Institute in February 2007 and observed that the problem was that he hadn't been able to find women who could write for a general audience about such subjects as military history.
Mas recientemente, se han incorporado en la clasificacion de las variantes de esta especie viral los criterios del tipo de antigenicidad de su proteina de capside, los genes de resistencia que vence en el hospedante y la presencia de regiones recombinantes; tal es el caso del aislamiento denominado [PVY.sup.Z], el cual esta serologicamente clasificado como [PVY.sup.O], pero sobrepasa los genes Nytbr y Nc y elicita el gen Nz en las plantas (Singh et al., 2008).
I started saving the covers, and in February 2004 I sent an email with my own count of the numbers of male and female reviewers--which appears to be even worse than the NYTBR. I never received any response.
How wonderful it would be if this important discovery informed the decisions made by the editor of arguably the most powerful book review publication in North America, The New York Times Book Review (NYTBR).
We tallied 53 consecutive weeks of the NYTBR during 2002 and 2003 and found that more than twice as many book authors and almost twice as many reviewers were male as female.
With those remarks, he implied that sex equity and the quality of his publication were mutually exclusive, and that the only way to achieve sex equity would be to make it the NYTBR's primary aim.
Finally, it is an editorial and marketing decision whether to tailor the NYTBR's reviews to its current readers or to alter its reviews in order to attract new readers.