NYTINew York Training Institute
NYTINew York Times Index (newspaper)
NYTINew York Taxable Income
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(For more, see Tyler Kepner, "As Baseball Fills Leadership Jobs, Everybody Loves the Rays," October 26, 2018, nyti.ms/2WFEHdu.)
After my travels, I came home to find a New York Times article with the headline, Doctors Denounce Cancer Drug Prices of $100,000 a Year (nyti.ms/11YhoVVF).
[According to Novartis, the development of Gleevec and other CML drugs has improved the five-year survival rate for patients with that cancer from 30% to 90%.] A few days later, the NYT's editorial board weighed in on the matter (nyti.ms/YpfnEs), and that was much more predictable, since they're not doctors, scientists or pharma executives (disclaimer: neither am I).
A March story by Kate Murphy in The New York Times ("Should All Research Papers Be Free?"; nyti.ms/21pqQyx) couches the issue as poor researchers confronting large, highly profitable publishing companies.
"Google Deal Gives Publishers a Choice: Digitize or Not" nyti.ms/RfOWsB
Adam Bryant, New York Times - nyti.ms/sSDui9 Comment: Novartis' CEO talks about leadership issues, the willingness to hear bad news, and the need to take risks (just not Corzine-sized risks, I hope).
--Angie Drobnic Holan, editor of PolitiFact (nyti.ms/1WRY6xD)
(It's in the NEJM, but you can read about the study in the WSJ and NYT at on.wsj.com/j8Qpqu and nyti.ms/jO99qa)
The creepy side of Big Data was perhaps best examined in "How Companies Learn Your Secrets," a February 2012 article in The New York Times (nyti.ms/20GC7Mn).
Following up on its ongoing commitment, the FCC voted on proposed changes to Net Neutrality on April 24 to put its policies in line with the federal appeals court decision (1.usa .gov/ljwWRlz) in January, which ruled that ISPs can make deals with services such as Netflix or Amazon that allow them to pay for a "premium" type of access using a faster, "express lane" on the web (nyti.ms/ IngI1TB).
Established in 1998 in response to a proposed rule from NTIA (l.usa.gov/ldASNAC), ICANN's contract from the government was renewed in 2006 for an additional 1 to 5 years, although even then it was clear that "American officials have said for years that they want eventually to sever their ties with the agency and let it operate independently" (nyti.ms/1pBwQB7).