NYTNSNew York Times News Service (New York Times Company)
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Among Trigg's other jobs was director of photo and graphics delivery services for the NYTNS and communications director of the New York Times Syndicate.
Alan Shearer, WPWG's editorial director and general manager, chose Friedman (for "helping us comprehend Arab reactions to the war"), Parker (for commentary on war coverage), and William Safire of the Times and NYTNS.
NYTNS Executive Editor Laurence Paul added, "It has taken a toll.
Bob Herbert, NYTNS: "Is there a Republican official anywhere in the country who's concerned about the fact that many thousands of honest voters in Florida have apparently been thwarted in their efforts to vote for the candidate of their choice?"
lengthy special reports, NYTNS now sends complete and abridged versions.
The reaction by AP and NYTNS representatives to your shunning of their copy was lame.
Penelope Muse Abernathy, president of New York Times News Services, which includes NYTNS. Gloria Brown Anderson, president and editor in chief of NYTNS.
Actually, cyberspace is a good market for NYTNS, which provides a lot of the material for the Times syndicate's Computer News Daily site on the Web.
And, during Brewer's tenure, NYTNS started photo and graphic services and took on various news services and newspapers as contributors.
Moving to the subject of syndication, Bill Tammeus of the Kansas City Star and New York Times News Service (NYTNS) said he wants his column to be read by as many people as possible.
"You have to be vulnerable to touch someone," remarked former NSNC president Bill Tammeus of the Kansas City Star and New York Times News Service (NYTNS).