NYTONew York Times OnDisc
NYTONew York Transmission Owners
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Subscribers to NEXIS were able to access any of the articles from one or more of the publishers by using the database's search engine.(62) Pursuant to an agreement with The New York Times and Mead, UMI produced the "NY Times OnDisc" (NYTO) CD-ROM, which contained the full texts of articles from The New York Times.
NEXIS and the text-based NYTO exhibit different storage and retrieval attributes than GPO.
The Tasini II court acknowledged that "the UMI databases presented a slightly more difficult issue than did NEXIS."(94) First, "NYTO was seen to be distinguishable from NEXIS in that it contained articles from only one publisher."(95) But this factor was not seen to affect the underlying authors' rights in any way.