NYUCNNew York University College of Nursing
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Qualitative data were collected via semi-structured interviews from 75 faculty members (41 at NYUCN, 34 at JHUSN) and 104 students (62 at NYUCN, 42 at JHUSN).
Faculty capacity at NYUCN and JHUSN was assessed using a ratio of students per clinical "faculty day" at distinct time periods that reflect the incorporation of different levels of simulation education in each program.
At NYUCN, the following four time periods were used: spring 2006 (prior to the initiation of simulation clinical education), spring 2008 (first year of simulation clinical education use), and fall 2009 and 2011 (when the clinical simulation education model was fully operational).
Surveys were completed by 119 faculty and 1,156 students at NYUCN and 50 faculty and 295 students JHUSN.
NYUCN Faculty capacity was calculated for Adult and Elder I (baseline), the introductory medical-surgical nursing course, the mid-program or second medical-surgical nursing course, and the last course with medical-surgical clinical experiences during the spring semesters of 2006 and 2008 and the fall semesters of 2009 and 2011.
Indirect concerns regarding NYUCN's substitution model included changing the culture of the school due to increased student enrollment.
The introduction of a high dose of clinical simulation education as a substitute for traditional clinical education resulted in a nearly 50 percent increase in faculty capacity at NYUCN without a negative impact on faculty work life or student outcomes.
Adopting the model achieved the main goal that the faculty and administration at NYUCN were seeking: alleviating the shortage of faculty and clinical sites while increasing student enrollment and maintaining the quality standards of the undergraduate program.
During the semester, NYUCN needed to cover a total of 87 clinical teaching sessions (58 clinical instructor sessions to supervise 12 students, six per week on 58 hospital units, plus 29 simulation instructor sessions to supervise 24 students, 12 per week).