NYWANew York Women's Agenda
NYWANew York Women's Association
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PWC president Lenore Janis, a White Plains native, said that the organization chose Beatrice Ortega because "She's an up and coming young woman in our industry with the knowledge, determination, and dedication to succeed in this highly competitive arena." Galaxy co-chairs Tina Segal and Jaci Canning-Murphy called the honorees "impressive" women who have become "a model to those around them." NYWA President Gina Bolden-Rivera congratulated 2003's Women of the Future and cheered them as "New York City women of today and tomorrow!" The ceremony was held on May 20 at the New York Marriott Marquis at 1535 Broadway in New York City.
We are a women's organization, and for the first time we're being funded for this venture by another women's association, New York Women's Agenda (NYWA) which has awarded PWC one of its first Elly grants." Maria Castro, an M/WBE consultant with the Queens County Overall Economic Development Corp., said, "This proves that when women reach out to women, the women come," she said.
Victoria Cerami, President of Cerami & Associates, was recently honored by the New York Women's Agenda (NYWA) recognizing her achievements as one of the leading women in real estate.
5, Gloria Steinem announced to an audience of more than 3,000 attendees at the ninth annual Star Breakfast of the New York Women's Agenda (NYWA), that Professional Women in Construction (PWC) has received one of the first nine Elly Grants ever awarded.
The grant, named for NYWA founder Elinor Guggenheimer, will enable PWC to provide scholarships to 45 women entrepreneurs for a series of technical assistance workshops conducted by PWC, which guide participants though the intricate process of applying for certification as a W/MBE (women and/or minority-owned business enterprise).
First Lady and senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, a speaker at past NYWA breakfasts, addressed the audience on videotape.
Guggenheimer, who was 79 when she founded NYWA, expressed her strong support of PWC in remarks made following the program.