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50) According to the traditional understanding, this is a vow given before the actual bhiksuni vow is taken; it is regarded as an intermediate discipline that is substantially the same as the siksamana vow; see the Bod rgya tshig mdzod chen mo (2: 2254): tshangs spyod nyer gnas kyi sdom pa: dge slong ma'i sdom pa dngos ma blangs sngon la 'bog pa'i sdom pa zhig ste, dge slob ma'i sdom pa dang rdzas rigs gcig pa bar ma'i tshul khrims so.
Esto se debe a que en esta perspectiva se observa que las emociones pueden ser provocadas por los estimulos presentados en los anuncios y otras tecnicas utilizadas por el marketing para incitar la expectativa del cliente frente a determinado producto o servicio, haciendo que se sienta obligado a usufructuarlos (Bagozzi, Gopinath & Nyer, 1999).
Chang, MD, MPH, Nadia lovieno, MD, PhD, Christina Dording, MD, Heidi Ashih, MD, PhD, Maren Nyer, PhD, and Marasha-Fiona De Jong, MD from the Clinical Trials Network and Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.
En este ambito, el estado de disposicion tiende a ser mas intenso que aquellos que caracterizan los estados animicos o las actitudes y pueden ayudar a explicar ciertos comportamientos especificos dependiendo de su naturaleza y significado para la persona que la esta teniendo (BAGOZZI, GOPINATH y NYER, 1999).
Boston Nyer, the first Building Systems student within Civil Engineering in the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities at the University of Colorado, liked the Sustainable Community Development class because of the opportunity to interact with some social entrepreneur pioneers.
Babin e Babin (2001) e Nyer (1997) tambem encontraram relacao entre determinadas emocoes e intencoes comportamentais.
A: Kaity entered I LOVE NEW YORK's first Greenest NYer contest in 2010 and won
It was during this meeting that two American researchers, Harold Agnew and Warren Nyer, who had participated in the first nuclear chain reaction in 1942 under the aegis of Enrico Fermi, spoke and shared with us their experience.
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War without End: A Brief History of the Muslim Conquests," in Crisis Magazine November 8, 2005, posted November 9, 2005 by NYer.