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In general, objects that cause positive emotions are assessed favourably, while those that cause negative emotions are assessed unfavourably (Bagozzi, Gopinath, & Nyer, 1999; Mano, 2004).
Several researchers have demonstrated that mood, which can be defined as a valenced feeling state, affects consumers' information processing and judgment (Bagozzi, Gopinath, & Nyer, 1999; Cohen & Areni, 1991).
Surprise is a neutral short-term emotion that usually occurs during the post-purchase stages (BAGOZZI; GOPINATH; NYER, 1999), carrying other emotions that bring positive and negative features to it.
An important development in marketing lies in the exploration of emotions and their effects on consumption behaviors (Baggozzi, Gopinath, and Nyer 1999).
It is well established in the marketing and consumer behavior literature that consumer affect directly influences consumer evaluative behavior such as loyalty (Bagozzi, Gopinath, & Nyer, 1999; Oliver, 1999).