NZASNew Zealand Association of Scientists (Wellington, New Zealand)
NZASNew Zealand Audiological Society
NZASNew Zealand Adventure Specialists (tourism company)
NZASNew Zealand Academy of Studies (higher education)
NZASNew Zealand Acoustical Society (Auckland, New Zealand)
NZASNew Zealand Aluminum Smelters Ltd (Tiwai Point, Southland, New Zealand)
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The NZAS Awards Programme administrator of Bato Balani Foundation Reino Lino said the whole application process usually takes more than a month, so she advises all who want to qualify for the program to secure their offer letter from their choice institutions.
In 1990-91, a congruence of such factors emerged in Tiwai Point, New Zealand, at the company's NZAS operations.
(28) The NZAS plant was 100 per cent unionised for the two decades prior to 1991.
The NZAS awards is open to the public, private, and civil society sectors who want to pursue further studies in the field of agriculture, tourism, governance, public sector, trade, development, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, and renewable energy.
Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has travelled to the province of Wele Nzas, within the framework of the visits he periodically makes to the various districts and capitals of provinces within the nation, in order to examine the state of infrastruOn arrival, H.
During his stay in the capital, the President of the Republic will attend acts marking the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of his wife, the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, on 20th August, which this year is being commemorated in the province of Wele Nzas.
During the visit, the company heads explained to the minister how the facilities work, together with the transportation process for gas from the island of Bioko to the port of Bata, for its subsequent distribution to the provincial capitals of Centro Sur, Kie Ntem and Wele Nzas.
New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) and Meridian Energy accepted a new energy deal in August 2013, which required Meridian to cut its power charges, after a long standoff was ended with the help of a $30 million Government subsidy.
NZAS CEO and general manager Gretta Stephens said ending the current deal in 2017 did not mean the smelter would be shut down as there could be potential to re-discuss its power supply through multiple contracts with various firms - including Meridian.
Meridian Energy and New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd (NZAS) have concluded the renegotiation of their electricity contract.
The new agreement is inflation indexed and includes guarantees from or on behalf of the NZAS parent companies Rio Tinto and Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd.
Gunumuzde Yuksek Mahkeme evliligin eslere "nza gosterilmeyen bir cinsel iliskiyi dayatma hakki vermedigi" yonundeki gorusunu korumaktadir (Costanzo, 2008: 36-39).