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NZBNew Zealand Black (inbred strain of mouse with lupus disease)
NZBNeue Zuercher Bank (Zurich, Switzerland)
NZBNet Zero Building (magazine; Construction Business Media)
NZBnon-return to zero bit
NZBNon Zero Binary
NZBNorges Zoohandleres Bransjeforening (Norwegian: Norwegian Pet Trade Organization)
NZBNew Zealand Breweries Ltd.
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A green poplar wood of 7 years of age was selected from Yiyang, Hunan, China; ammonium polyphosphate (APP) used in this work was offered by Sichuang Changfeng Chemical Corporation; modified nano-zinc borate (nZB) was purchased from Weifang Fareast Rubber and Plastic Technology Corporation.
Solutions of APP and nZB were made with water, each at three different concentrations of 5%, 10%, and 15%, respectively.
4 March 2011 - Swiss banking group NZB Neue Zuercher Bank on Friday unveiled plans to cease its brokerage operations because of tougher regulations for the private banking segment and growing inability to execute cross-border transactions with the USA.
However, NZA employees report these trends more frequently, as well as exhibit greater frequency of stress, being in emotionally distressing situations and high workloads, than respondents from NZB. Job satisfaction levels are not surprisingly lower at NZA.
Bank Sarasin & Cie AG (BSAN.EB) has said that it has no plans to increase its stake in Neue Zuercher Bank (NZB) further, adding NZB remains a financial, and not a strategic investment, reports Dow Jones.
In the latest study, Ghosh and graduate student So-Yon Lim injected four types of mice, including NZB mice, with di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, or DEHP.
BBA Ireland purchased the Lee Freedman-trained filly for NZEUR700,000 at the NZB Premier yearling sale this year on behalf of a syndicate that includes Coolmore Stud, Demi O'Byrne and Lord Sam Vestey.
In the (NZB x NZW)[F.sub.1] mouse model of SLE, females develop more severe disease and die earlier than males; treating females with androgens (male hormones) slows the disease, while castrating males accelerates it.
In the (NZB x NZW)[F.sub.1] mouse, a murine SLE model, the presence or absence of estrogen markedly influences the rate of progression of disease.
To investigate the effects of the estrogen receptor-binding molecule bisphenol A (BPA) on murine immune function in vivo, we fed a low dose of 2.5 [micro]g BPA/kg body weight/day to both normal C57BL/6 and lupus-prone NZB x NZW [F.sub.1] (NZB/NZW) 5-week-old mice for 1 week.