NZBANew Zealand Biotechnology Association (now Baking Industry Association of New Zealand)
NZBANew Zealand Bar Association
NZBANew Zealand Broadcasting Authority (est. 1969)
NZBANew Zealand Basketball Association (est. 1924)
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NZBA Conference Committee Chair, Simon Foote, says the conference will explore areas of convergence between the Australian and New Zealand legal systems, as well as investigate the responses on both sides of the Tasman to some of the prime issues facing the legal profession, including the culture of the bar, the relationship between the profession and the media, and the pressures to amend civil procedure rules to create greater efficiencies in court processes.
These would affect customers who act on behalf of other customers, typically someone acting as trustee on behalf of someone else, said Kirk Hope, CEO of NZBA.
The main way that the Reserve Bank has engaged with industry on retail payment system policy issues is through acting as an observer in the NZBA Payment Systems Committee (which overseas, among other things, the Failure to Settle project).
(10) The Reserve Bank is activity engaged with the NZBA on two NZBA-led projects: the Failure to Settle project and the Access and Governance project.
(23) The NZBA is also progressing the Access and Governance project.
The Federated Farmers press release has NZBA CEO Roger Beaumont saying NZBA analysis shows the Reserve Banks proposal to "almost double" capital requirements will have a net cost to the New Zealand economy of $1.8 billion a year.
In comments attributed to its vice president and commerce and trade spokesperson Andrew Hoggard, Federated Farmers says in every banking survey press release issued since the survey started in 2015 it has included a comment from NZBA. "Thats to ensure balance and a right of reply.
"The NZBA wishes to acknowledge everyone who has come forward to make complaints about workplace behaviour and to anyone who may do so in the future.
The freedom to criticise judicial decisions is a fundamental right in a free society and an important means of protecting the rule of law, says NZBA President Clive Elliott QC.