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John Takle, a missionary with the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS), commented that "every true Britisher thrills with the privilege of belonging to an Empire so extensive that nearly one quarter of the world's population has come under its sway, an Empire that has done more than any other for the emancipation of peoples, and for the evangelisation of the native races." (10) In New Zealand such sentiments were born out of historical, cultural, and familial proximity to British roots and were voiced most stridently in times of heightened imperial awareness.
An oft-repeated exhortation in NZBMS reports was that the several million people in East Bengal were New Zealand's special responsibility, entirely dependent upon a handful of colonial Baptists for their eternal salvation and well-being.
(15.) For example, "NZBMS Report, 1903," NZBU Baptist Handbook, 1903-4, p.