NZDSFNon Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber
NZDSFNon-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (BTI, aka Lambda-Shifted Fiber)
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Table 1 summarizes the various simulation parameters applied to the NZDSF fiber.
The impact of the FWM effect on the DBPSK signal in the SSMF fibers is shown on Figure 29 and in the NZDSF fibers is shown on figure 30.
Keeping in view the findings of the literature, SRS and FWM have been considered as main nonlinearities in our study on NZDSF. We have studied the combined effect of SRS and FWM in the presence of Amplifier Spontaneous Noise (ASE).
3 db/km altos lite armored, for 49,000 LF of corning 96 strand, Single Mode (NZDSF), gel free, armored cable.