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The heartwood of silver beech is classified as perishable (less than 5 yr.) to moderately durable (10 to 15 yr.) (Parham 1933, NZFRI 1982a, Clifton 1994).
Species Literature source Acacia melanoxylan Blackwood (NZFS 1980b) Acer saccharum Hard (Sugar) maple (Lincoln 1986) Alnus rubra Red alder (Lincoln 1986; USDA 1999) Eucalyptus delegatensis Alpine ash (NZFRI 1984) Eucalyptus oblique Tasmanian oak (NZFRI 1982b, NZFS 1985) Eucalyptus regnans Mountain ash (NZFRI 1982a, NZFRI 1984) Fagus sylvatica European beech (Lincoln 1986) Nothofagus cunninghammii (Bootle 1983) Myrtle beech Nothofagus dombeyi Coigue (Dadswell and Ingle 1954, Dept.