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NZGNeue Zeitschrift Für Gesellschaftsrecht (German: New Journal of Company; periodical)
NZGNear Zero Growth (Michelin tire)
NZGNew Zealand Golf
NZGNew Zealand Geographer (journal; New Zealand Geographical Society)
NZGNew Zealand Gazette (government newspaper)
NZGNederlandsch Zendeling Genootschap (Dutch: Netherlands Missionary Society; est. 1797)
NZGNiman, Zemans, Gelgoot LLP (law firm; Toronto, ON, Canada)
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Carsten Berrar, Zur Reform des AR nach den Vorschlagen der Regierungskommission Corporate Governance [On the Reform of the Supervisory Board According to the Proposals of the Government Commission], 2001 NZG 1113, 1115 (favoring cumulative voting); Schnorbus, supra note 90, at 601 (denying admissibility of cumulative voting rights); see also Horst Eidenmuller, Gesellschaftsrecht [Company Law], [section] 3, no.
The figure shows that the performances of MED, NZG, MA and RET models are very close (differences in their RMSE values are within 1.
All the average values of the model parameters obtained by fitting the generic MA, MED and NZG models to the data from the mango plantation (45 frequencies) and oil palm plantation (69 frequencies) measurements, and the associated average RMSE values are given in Table 4.
The average values of NZG models for vegetation in-leaf were reported in [1] (NZG-SNJ), and values published in [2] (NZG-SV) have also been used to assess its performance.
In December of the next year, he offered his services to the NZG.
The NZG examiners were delighted with Kam, commending him for being "fair-minded, quiet, modest, and serious.
Cooperation between the NZG and the Zeist Moravians.
As Kam finished his training and passed his examination by the NZG in 1811, the British seized and controlled the Dutch East Indies until a post-Napoleonic war treaty was signed between the two nations in 1816.
NZG is an acronym for 'Near Zero Growth' and represents a new innovation in radial technology.
The NZG was not happy; G[ddot{u}]tzlaff was too obsessed with the Chinese, a director wrote.
In June 1831, suffering from ill health and distraught by the death of his wife and newborn daughter, G[ddot{u}]tzlaff ignored NZG wishes and boarded a Chinese junk bound for Tianjin.
Josef Kam, representative of the NZG, arrived in Ambon via England in 1815, when Ambon was still under the English crown.