NZHISNew Zealand Health Information Service
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The proportion of respondents in most employment settings was consistent with the 2006 NZHIS survey.
There were fewer respondents working in addictions than would have been expected given the results of the NZHIS survey.
Sixty one percent of physiotherapists are under 45 years of age, although the trend is for an increasing median age of active physiotherapists (NZHIS 2001, NZHIS 2004).
Vacancies were classified according to (i) work type category (position description and employment setting), as listed in NZHIS publications (2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004); (ii) skill requirements (experienced or new graduate) and; (iii) location.
This was later merged with the NZHIS data with the aim of creating a post-neonatal infant mortality register, which included all SIDS cases.